Astronomy in Science

Understanding the universe and the vastness of space is the forefront of physics and astronomy research today. Everything from dwarfs and red giants to neutron stars and black holes but imagine trying to make sense of the cosmos before telescopes were even invented well between the 9th and 14th centuries. Scholars from the Islamic world consolidated and refine the astronomy of the earlier civilizations and came up with the ideas that have deeply influenced astronomy right through the present day.

Modern day astronomy and navigation and exploring the contribution made to these fields by the scientists of the Golden Age.  Businessman with a deep knowledge of the deserts and the way of life navigation has always been a crucial skill. Astronomy is very important in the measurement of time. In a calendar, the months are determined by the phases of the moon. Astronomers studied the movements of the moon to predict the calendar more accurately.

In many ways with the use of the computers of their day , it is basically served a number of purposes that you can use it to find the time of day and night. You could decide prayer of times also to navigate. You could measure the heights of a buildings or distances. There are sorts of clues. Age of astronomers would come together from across around the world to cooperate and that way is still embedded in astronomy today. Astronomers working with telescope often collaborate with other telescopes.