Everything You Need To Know About Astronomy

There are estimated 1.6 planets every star in the Milky Way Galaxy, this means there are more planets in our galaxy than there are stars. If there are about a hundred billion stars in the Milky Way, that equates to one hundred sixty billion planets. An that’s just in our galaxy. The reason why the Apollo astronauts did not fall off the moon is because it has it’s own gravity. There were large massive galaxies that the size of our Milky Way as early as one hundred million years after the big bang.

Most of the stuff in the early universe just fell straight into them, like water in a siphon. The seasons on the Earth are caused by the tilt of its spin axis with respect to its orbit, not the distance from the sun. When two galaxies collide, it is very unlikely that any stars will collide because the average separation between stars is about a hundredth of a light year. That is like having a one ping pong ball every 3.2 kilometers. Black Holes evaporate.

If eternal inflation is true, which represents the idea that an infinite number of possibilities occurred in a finite amount of time, then that implies that there are infinite number of possibilities for every particle in the universe. This means that every possible incarnation of you has existed at some point in the history of the universe. Energy is not conserved in expanding the universe. Human beings could not exist without stars because the elements that make up come only from the death of stars. No more other way.