Instruments that Astronomers use to gather evidence

As technology arises today, a lot of scientific evidences proves that the Universe have a beginning. What are the instruments that astronomers use to gather this evidences? Here are the list of the world’s famous instruments used in space.

Keck Observatory, this is the world’s largest optical telescope which has eight times of collecting area than the normal telescope.  Mount Palomar telescope, which is more than thirty times of the Hubble Space telescope. The Keck Telescope, is thirty -six independently driven meters. The computers is the one controls the movement of the mirrors of these telescope . It is precisely figured down to thickness that has a sensitive light and gather a lot of information. You can see a billions of light years in space using this amazing telescopes.

As a matter of fact, Astronomers are always observing the past. The light waves, radio waves and all the kinds of electromagnetic waves were seem to reaches instantaneously. They travel so fast that the light speeds through space at 186,000 miles per second. It is fast enough to circle the globe seven and a half times in a second. The farther away an object is the longer ago it’s light began.

Through the distance that the light covers in a year about six trillion times miles is called a light year. It offers a convenient method for indicating vast distances. The most distant galaxies that ever detected by astronomers are about thirteen billion light year.This is why astronomy is unique among science because it alone directly observes the past.