History of Astronomy

In the beginning there was nothing. But now, there is everything. We come to think about the things how does the Universe got its start. But because of the different field of science, we can now understand through observations the things where does the Universe started. Through the use of technology we can now see the past evidence of how all things are created. Thanks to our brilliant scientist who observe and investigate on how things are work and developed. Now, we have the idea and understanding about all things.

One of the field of science that focus on studying the Universe is astronomy. Astronomy was developed according to ancient civilizations and observed the events from heaven and the passage of the day and night and even the Moon. Astronomy is the one who observe the cycle of the seasons which is related to the position of the Sun. There is what you called an aztec calendar they invented to predict the weather events like storm, eclipse and others. They predict the eclipses of the sun and moon every year. They use also the pattern of the stars to find direction in their travels .

The ancients grouped together some stars into constellations. They are the one who name the patterns of the stars which is derived from their names. They recognize 12 constellations from the sun, moon and even the stars or planets. Astronomies origins are both practical and mystical. It became a field of science after the ancient Greeks. Galileo Galilei is the one who observed the change of many notions in astronomy. They believe that the earth were perfectly in spherical shaped and is made of a pure crystalline substance. These knowledge about the universe is a merely fact that people believe and understand through the observation in the ancient history and still astronomy are doing their best to discover more and more about the Universe.